Automatically forward SMS, MMS & WhatsApp messages to email, or to another phone.

Reply to messages easily.

texts forwarded

WhatsApps forwarded

Setup and use in minutes

You can try PhoneLeash with no feature restrictions, completely free for 30-days.

Powerful features for business and power users

The personal touch of text and WhatsApp, from your email

Text from your PC

Receive and reply to texts from the convenience of your desktop

Text your customers

Personal touch of text using corporate email

Continuous backup

Keep a record of all your texts and calls

Better customer service

Enable entire team to respond to customer texts

Call notifications

Incoming, outgoing and missed call notifications

Manage 2 phones

Get texts forwarded to your primary phone, reply too!

100% Privacy

No ads, no message storage

PhoneLeash collects some data automatically that you should know about.

Upon installation, the phone owner's name and email are used to let them know that PhoneLeash has been installed on their device. This discourages use of PhoneLeash as spyware.

Your phone number, cellular operator name and related parameters are also collected for debugging.

What about your messages? If you are forwarding texts to email, or replying from email, these messages are stored only while in transit. If replies have not been pushed to your phone in 30 minutes, they are permanently deleted.

If you're forwarding to another phone, your messages go directly and don't touch PhoneLeash servers.

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